Friday, January 31, 2014

it's friday, y'all!

 riley and i about a month ago.  he's my little love.

this week was full of moments that were anything but dull.  i had a hard time not getting frustrated when things felt a little too stressful.  i may have cried in my car once or twice, just listening to music, and thinking about a life i haven't lived yet.  some moments were better than others, like late-night drinks even though i knew i'd be tired the next day, or when one of my cheer moms opened my eyes to the fact that i am a role model for her girls (never crossed my mind before).

i've never been so excited about a new year before.  god, sometimes i feel so old, but at the same time i feel like i'm really starting to live my life.  i notice slight changes in myself every single day.  a little more optimistic, a little less deprecating.  a little more forward, a little less shy.

and really, lately, i just can't stop smiling...



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