Saturday, November 23, 2013

it's friday!!!

these two, always snuggling in my bed while i do work.

why, hello there, friday.  so happy to see you.  what a long, busy week it has been.  isn't strange how a week can feel both too long and too fast at once?  that was definitely this week.  i'm overloading, but not for much longer, thankfully.

my cheer squad is headed out to houston this weekend for our regional competition.  i'm so proud of the girls.  the odds have not been in their favor, but they have been working really hard and they picked up on the changes in their routine so quickly. 

next week will be short, but i have a lot going on, so i'll just keep on truckin', like always.

happy weekend, y'all!  wish my girls 'good luck'!  ;)

my faves from the web this week:

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