Tuesday, September 17, 2013

storm warnin'.

not taken from my window, but a rainy day all the same.

for the first time ever since i began working 9 years ago, i have an office with a window (i was so excited when i saw it!).  it looks out into the parking lot and the main street that utsa is on, so not much of a view, but i'm on the second floor, so mostly all i can really see is the treeline and sky.

lately, the sky has been so dark and gloomy.  i love it.  you guys may not know this, but i've always been obsessed with clouds, particularly storm clouds.  there's just something so romantic about a dark and stormy sky.  sometimes when i need a break from my work, i just sit there and stare out the window at the storm clouds.  then i start daydreaming about being in my bed, with some chocolate chai, my favorite shows, and books. 

don't get me wrong, i'm a sun-baby, and i definitely don't think i could handle living somewhere it rains 24/7, but rainy season in san antonio is one of my favorite times of year.  well, if i'm not thinking of how it affects my allergies, anyway!  but rainy weather is definitely the best time to be snuggled up in bed with all your creature comforts.

...kind of like i am right now!  (it's so nice to have a night off, even if it means no practice with my girls.)

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