Monday, September 23, 2013

it's friday!!!

 my new starbucks favorite, chocolate chai.

my weekdays are so long, but i rarely find myself looking forward to the weekends.  not because there isn't anything exciting to do, but because i see every day as an adventure.  i used to dread going to work, or to school.  and now every thing that i do is something that i am really and truly interested in.  i'm a lucky girl, to be able to say that.

with that said, i did have a crazy week.  there were meetings after meetings at work, prepping for exams next week in my classes, and trying to find a balance between being those two things and coaching.  i actually had to find time to do something for myself this week, and i'm so glad that i did, even though it left me incredibly sore (3 days later).  on monday i went to the gym at school and took a 20 min core class, followed by my first ever kettlebell class.  i loved both and am so excited for next monday when i can do it again!

tonight, as long as it doesn't rain, i will be at my cousin's football game.  tomorrow is dedicated to my cheerleading squad, and getting much-needed rest.  and sunday?  well, i finally have a little bit of time to run a 5k.  so there's that.

have a happy weekend, y'all!

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(oops, sorry guys, this was supposed to be posted on friday!) 

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