Friday, September 6, 2013

it's friday!!!

are you ready for some football!?

i've been sick for a little over a week now, which is why my posting has been so sporadic.  also, classes started, so between that, work, and cheerleading, i'm a little tired.  (haha, i'm starting to feel like i say this a lot!)  i love my classes, though, and i'm excited for this last semester.  i started thinking on my way home, "wow, this really could be my last semester.  what am i going to do when i'm done?"  it really made me sad to think that i won't be in class next spring, buying new books, and other school supplies.  it's really starting to hit me.  i've had a lot of changes in the past couple of years, throughout my journey at utsa.  school has been my constant.  i've learned so much not just in the classroom, but in my entire experience at utsa.  i know i can continue my education, and earn a master's degree if i want to put in that extra work, but somehow that doesn't feel the same.  i don't know.  it's just something that was on my mind today.

in other news...our first home game is this weekend.  my girls don't have their game uniforms yet (boo), but they'll be looking super-cute in their practice uniforms and new bows (really, i'm super-jealous of the bows - i want one)!  then we start our competition practices.  it's going to be a crazy week, but i'm ready for the girls to learn the routine, so we can fine-tune it and get it perfect in the next two months!

also, justin has a game tomorrow.  i can't believe he's a senior already!  it's exciting thinking that this is his senior year, playing varsity football, and that he could be playing college football next year!  i wonder what school he'll end up choosing, and what degree he'll pursue.  utsa has their first home game on saturday, as well.  it's a white-out game, so if you plan on going (i do!) be sure to wear white!

i'm going to have a busy weekend, but i hope to get some relaxing in.  my body needs it.  and i need to start treating my body better.  that's my goal for this semester, to make sure that i'm taking care of myself, despite my busy schedule.  once my dad gets that treadmill up and running, it should be a little easier.  plus i want to try to fit in a yoga class, here and there.  we shall see.

have a happy weekend!  go southwest dragons-brooks ravens-utsa roadrunners-dallas cowboys!  it's football season y'all!

 interesting and pretty:

  • my sister casee's etsy shop!  loving that chevron ipad case!
  • smart way to get around that "no opposite sex allowed" rule in dorms.
  • interesting facts about j.d. salinger.
  • i used to sing celine dion songs at the top of my lungs when i was in middle/high school ("treat her like a lady", anyone?).
  • so excited for a rowdy roadrunner statue on campus!  go runners!
  • my aunt cyndi bought me a wafflemaker (because she knows i love waffles and hate pancakes), so i am soooooo excited to start using it!  mmm, waffles with strawberries and a little vanilla ice cream?  sounds divine.
  • what i imagine for my future room.
  • i really want to read this, before i see this, but it probably won't happen that way.
  • thinking this might make a good christmas present...for myself!  :)

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