Monday, September 9, 2013


little known fact about me:  i have an obsession with clouds.

for the past couple of weeks, all i can think about is how bad i want fall to get here.  it has nothing to do with the weather.  i'm not usually one to complain about the heat (although lately it has been ridiculous).  no, it's more about the colors and the fun things that come with the season. 

i'm excited for fall, because fall means navy, bordeaux, pumpkin, emerald, especially emerald.  that's the color that's been on my mind most lately.  i finally broke and painted my nails a deep teal, even though it's been over 100 degrees lately, and the clothes i wear in these temps call for more corals, bright yellows and turquoises.  my mind is saying "yay, fall is right around the corner," and mother nature is laughing, "haha, think so!?  think again!"

also, fall means football, pumpkin patches, halloween, and wurstfest.  it means the holidays are just around the corner, which on one hand bums me out, but on the other is super-exciting. and something new i've begun to enjoy, reminds me of fall in rochester.  have you tried the chocolate chai at starbucks?  it tastes so much like a mayan hot chocolate, which i had for the first time my freshman year at u of rochester.

i hate to rush time, since i know it flies and once it's gone, it's gone, but i really just want to keep on keepin' on.  i need to get past this season, and the next, and hopefully by then i will feel whole again, and ready to move on.  don't think i won't cherish this season, though.  i plan to make the most of every thing that comes up, from the josh abbott concert two weeks from now, to my cousin's senior year on the varsity football team, to the last psi wedding of the year, to taking my girls competition and hopefully placing first.  and, lest you forget, WURSTFEST.

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