Friday, August 9, 2013

it's friday!!!

 sometimes a little bright lipstick can go a long way to lift your mood.

i'm so glad this week was over.  it was one of those weeks where nothing really seems to go right, even though nothing really is wrong.  i've been struggling a lot lately with not having time to go running with my family, or go to zumba, or do anything fitness/health-related outside of work, school and cheer.  our treadmill is on the fritz, so i'm waiting for that to get fixed so i can try to get at least 2 miles in on the nights that i get home late from cheer practice.  sometimes i'm just so exhausted all i want to do is veg out with hulu or netflix on my ipad.  on top of that, my car needed some work, and it wasn't cheap.

needless to say, i just need a relaxing weekend, where i can take my mind off of everything else.  let see if i get that, huh?

have a happy weekend, y'all!

some faves this week:

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