Friday, August 2, 2013

it's friday!!!

moccasins for casual friday!

i have been stretching my back and taking deep breaths/yawning all day.  i think i'm just slightly exhausted.  it's all worth it, though.  the crazy, hectic schedule.  the lack of sleep.  i'm so in love with my life right now!  if only my parents had a pool in the backyard for me to relax by when i have the time...i'd probably never want this period of my life to end.

cheer has been going well.  next week we will finally break up into our teams, and i can focus on teaching my 4-6 year olds the basics of cheerleading.  given how well my team did last year, you better believe i have high expectations for them this year!  we're really working hard on the the ravens organizations, particularly the cheer side (for me) and i can't wait to see all of our hard work come to fruition.  of all the things i've done in my life, i'm 100% absolutely sure that i am supposed to be a volunteer coach.  crazy how something can just fall into your lap, and totally change your life.

i'm going to take this weekend to relax, organize, and get ahead on school and cheer stuff.  we're also going to be celebrating my dad's birthday with his side of the family, and i'm excited to hang out poolside with my family.  it's going to be a good weekend!

y'all have a safe and happy weekend!

some of my faves this week:
  • maybe this worked in this guys neighborhood, but i'm gonna have to pass on "dating locally" in mine, haha! 
  • y'all know pearl harbor is on my top ten fave movies list.  but did you know i used to have a huge crush on josh hartnett when i was younger!?  love those pearl harbor gifs!
  • the history buff in me goes crazy over news like this, especially when it has to do with british royalty.
  • adorable couple, beautiful love story.
  • my favorite pin this week.  the writer in me can't help myself.
  • this louis vuitton campaign featuring michelle williams is AMAZING.  she looks beautiful and i love the styling.
 xo Candice

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