Wednesday, July 24, 2013


cheerleading practice has started, y'all.  it's exhausting, and slightly stressful right now, but to be quite honest i enjoy it so much that i can't imagine not doing it.  being a cheer coach makes me incredibly happy.  it improves the quality of my life.  i feel like i'm really doing something, in my community, and for young girls who love cheerleading.  also, i get to spend time and work with my best friend, lisa.  being a coach is rewarding in so many ways.

 brooks ravens flag cheerleaders 2012.

even though i don't have kids, yet, i've always wanted to be a coach.  i've been an athlete my entire life.  my parents started me in dance classes when i was 3, t-ball when i was 5, i transitioned into fastpitch softball and played until i was 19.  i also played volleyball for 3 or 4 years, and basketball for a couple of years.  i cheered in pop warner for a couple of years.  i still play slowpitch softball and now i'm a runner and go to zumba classes.  over my years of playing team sports, i had several GREAT coaches.  i learned teamwork, dedication, discipline, and respect.  i guess i've always wanted to take those amazing experiences and life-long lessons i received as a young athlete and pay it forward.
my 5 & 6 year old girls competition squad 2012.

so, even though i anticipate being exhausted for the next 4 months, and even though it might be difficult with my school and work schedule, i cannot wait for the season to get in full-swing!  i'm excited for the new girls we got this year.  i'm excited for the girls that came back to our team from last year.  and i hope that we can have an even better year this year and take those girls to orlando for national competition! 

wish me/us luck!


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