Thursday, June 13, 2013

the kitchen table.

sometimes it's a song. sometimes it's a movie. there are places, people, pastimes. there's always some thing that reminds me.

this time it was the kitchen table.

it was our first apartment together. thanksgiving was coming up and we wanted to do something low-key, just the two of us, since we weren't going home for the holiday. we had been living there for a little while but we didn't have a kitchen table, yet, so we decided to buy one.

most of all of our other furniture was hand-me-down from his mom and sister. this was the first thing that we were going to buy together and it was absolutely ours. 

we ordered it online and, of course, as things tended to go with us, it didn't show up on time. so we still ended up eating thanksgiving dinner on the floor. 

but the memory of our first purchase together, and that first thanksgiving alone in our first place together, made the tears i've been attempting to overcome, flow. that's the way it's been lately.

i wish i didn't have to think about what to do with the leftovers. but at least i'm getting to a better place. even if a few tears fall first.

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