Friday, May 17, 2013

it's friday!!!

rocking a throwback spurs shirt that my friend has been selling for the playoffs!

i've really been getting cabin fever lately.  it's been good that i'm stuck at home most of the day, because i'm training our new dog, lola, and i get a lot of blog-work done, but i really need to find a job soon. 

luckily, my friend melissa invited me to go on a hike yesterday.  we went to this trail in friedrich park, and i loved it.  i can't wait to go again!  also, i am somewhat committed to volunteering as a cheer coach again.  i miss my girls, so it wasn't too hard to talk me into going back once i found out some changes had been made to the league's administration. 

this weekend i'll be playing ball again, after a 3 week hiatus.  the spurs begin the series for the western conference championship on sunday, so i will definitely be watching after our softball games.  other than that, my weekend is pretty open! 

happy weekend, y'all!  here are a few links that caught my eye this week!
  • rain room!  this sounds so fun!
  • i love this.  such a great way to introduce your daughter to real life heroines, such as amelia earhart and jane goodall!
  • sweetest letter from a daddy to his daughter.  so important to remember that we are all worth interest, and that it is none of our jobs to keep a significant other interested.
  • some mindy-isms, to live by.  my fave is the last one:  "best friend isn't a person, danny.  it's a tier."  so true!
  • hahaha!  this had me rolling on the floor laughing! 
  • i'm going to miss scandal!  can't wait til next season!
  • angelina jolie has always been my fave.  she's not afraid to be herself, and i think she's a great role model for girls and women everywhere.  her candid article about her choice to have a double mastectomy was awe-inspiring.
  • i totes have a crush on nick, from new girl
  • kissing in public:  a do or a don't?  personally, i think it's a do.  just not full-on making out to the point where it's like "get a room".
  • i've been lovin' elsie and emma's new app!

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