Friday, May 10, 2013

it's friday!!!

from left to right:  denise, me, and lisa in high school.

i'm currently sitting here next to lola, our newest addition to the family (i'm hoping long-term, though my parents say otherwise).  she's such a sweet puppy, and though i would love to keep her, my parents say we have to find a family to adopt her (i'm not trying that hard, to be honest).  i finished my last final today, so, i'm free for at least half the summer!  now i can really look forward to the weddings this summer and more fun things with good friends!

this weekend will be about the spurs, the missions, and mother's day.  i'm really looking forward to the missions game tomorrow night, with my sisters and the boys.  i've been wanting to go to another game for a while now!  i also can't wait to see my family on sunday, and spend the day trying to make my beautiful momma feel special.  also, i may or may not have spent $50 on new books to read.  i'm excited to get lost in a good book or two!

lisa and i in houston at regionals competition last november.

earlier i was going through my mom's collection of pictures trying to find one of my bff, lisa and i.  i only found the one (shown above), but i know there are a million more embarrassing pictures of us around here somewhere.  we've known each other since we were 12 years old.  we met in 7th grade when i moved into the east central school district and became fast friends.  there were periods of our lives where maybe we didn't talk as much, and we both had a bajillion life changes over the time we've known each other, but it's always been so easy for the two of us to pick up where we left off.  now lisa has two kids, both of whom are adorable, and a pretty great hubby.  she managed to talk me into helping her coach cheerleading last year, which brought us close again, and now we're constantly cracking each other up, sending each other memes and random texts all day long.  we're awesome, what more can i say!?

i just want to say, happy birthday, lisa!  you're one of my best friends, and i really don't know how i would've gotten through the past year without you.  i know we'll be bffs, and driving chris nuts when we're old and senile (i promise, no cats!).  love you!!

well, y'all, hope you have a happy weekend!

a few links from this week:
  • 10 things you didn't know about the great gatsby.  is anyone as excited as i am for the movie?  i know most people hate the novel, but i loved it the first time i read it, the summer before my freshman year of high school.  it's still one of my favorites, and also has helped develop my passion for the expatriates (the fitzgeralds, hemingways, to name a few).  i also can't wait to see the fashion in the movie, and to hear the soundtrack!
  • coverflip!  i never thought about how books are marketed to men and women, but now that i've seen these, my mind is blown. 
  • so true!  i haven't been running as much (i think only 2x this week!), but there really aren't any good excuses for that.


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