Friday, May 3, 2013

it's friday!!!

maybe it's the change in weather (hello, sunshine!).  maybe it's the new friends i've made.  maybe it's opening my emails and text messages and reading the sweet messages my friends have sent me.  but today, i feel so much more like myself.

i don't really have plans for the weekend, but i feel like wherever it takes me, i'll be fine.  life is going to be crazy next week, what with all the changes i'll be making, plus finals, but i've got this.  and even if i don't, i have the support system to get me through it all.

happy weekend, y'all!  be careful celebrating cinco de mayo!

  • i love mindy kaling!
  • via a cup of jomy relationship with my mom
  • coco chanel was a smart woman.
  • i'm currently reading this, and just realized one of my fave quotes is from this book.
  • meg fee has got it so right!  lately i've been thinking less about the things that i want to change about my body and more about the things that i love about my body.  my legs are incredibly strong, and i've become a runner.  these changes in my thought process have led me to love my body more and be a happier person in general.  :)

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