Wednesday, May 1, 2013

fiesta fun run - april 2013

in april my dad and i ran the fiesta fun run at eilan hotel resort and spa.  originally mom was supposed to do this run with dad and i.  however, earlier that week she had a bunch of work done on her teeth and the doctor told her to take it easy.  so it was just dad and i that morning, and that probably was a good thing.  the course for the fiesta fun run was incredibly hilly, so much so that my dad really struggled and had a time 2:00 min longer than normal.  strangely, i had my best time, a 5k in 32:50, coming in 9th for my age bracket.  in fact i beat my dad by a couple of seconds, which has never happened (no really, not even when i was a child.  he would never let me win!)!  i definitely have a love of running hills and bleachers, so that probably helped me quite a bit.  i will be doing this one again for sure!

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