Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend recap.

some new music for your monday.

so, remember how i kept talking about needing rest and spending a weekend just relaxing?  well, not doing that finally caught up with me and i spent the last week fighting a cold/allergies/sinus infection/who even knows, all that matters is that i was super-sick.

this past weekend i stayed in, mostly.  i spent a lot of time sleeping, and a little time reading (more on that later).  on saturday i met a new friend at the batting cages and then afterwards we had pizza for lunch.  sunday was game day, and it was a gorgeous - sunny, but not too hot, perfect for some softball. 

also, i bought this albumthe band perry has impressed me yet again!  i love kimberly's voice and the poetry of their lyrics...i mean, i'm just touched, you know?  i think "don't let me be lonely" is my favorite track on the album, but i'm listening to the whole thing on repeat so it's hard to choose!

anyway, i know that i need a change in my life.  right now i'm just kind of trying to go with whatever gets thrown my way.  i'm starting to put less faith in destiny and a lot more in spontaneity.  life is meant to be enjoyed.  it's meant to be happy and fulfilling and those are my main goals right now.  no more stress for this girl, please!

so, happy monday, y'all!  make it a good one.  ;)

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