Friday, April 19, 2013

it's friday!!!

there isn't much to say this week.  i've been worried for my friends in boston and thinking hard about the victims of the boston marathon and my fellow texans affected by the explosion in west, texas.  such tragedies force us to put our lives into perspective.  there were a lot of frustrating things that happened to me this week:  my computer died last weekend, my windshield wipers flew off my car when i was driving it in the rain, my dog had another seizure, work and school have been terribly stressful and there have been other more personal things that i've been dealing with.  however, i'm alive and healthy and surrounded by (the majority of) the people i love.

my heart breaks for those who have lost loved ones, were injured in either traged, or were otherwise affected by either tragedy.  i cannot imagine what my fellow texans/americans must be going through.  but i do know that we are a resilient people.  we'll get through these tragedies together, as we have in the past.  it will make us stronger and "united we stand" will ring true throughout our beautiful country, even more so than it already does.

with that in mind, i'm going to enjoy my weekend with my family and friends.  have a good one, y'all!

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