Wednesday, April 10, 2013

fralo's art of pizza.

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so my friend and i went to a pizza place i had never been to before and it was so good i decided i had to tell y'all about it.

it's no secret to those close to me that i love pizza.  and i've had some of the best, having been to nyc several times.  pizza and wings are my go-to on the weekends.  we live thisclose to big lou's (and i used to work there a million years ago - order the pizza wraps and you won't be disappointed) so we pick-up from there pretty often.  my sisters worked at capparelli's, and i'm a huge fan of their veggie pizza (light on sauce, heavy on veggies - so perfect).  but i hadn't really strayed outside of those two restaurants.

this is why i'm glad we went to fralo's, because it's really the kind of place i could see myself frequenting, especially when friends come to town.  it's right on the edge of the hill country, in leon springs, and has a casual vibe with outdoor seating and live music a few times a week.  they're pet-friendly, which i just think is awesome.  of course, our pets aren't exactly friendly (well, riley is sweet, but living with chloe has turned him into a barker) so idk if i would take them out there.

and bonus, the pizza was really good.  i tried lamb for the first time with the spanako pizza and really liked it.  i'm into mediterranean food, though (i really don't know how i got away with not having lamb before!).  ever since that greek place next to campus in rochester.  so good (i can't remember what kat and i always used to order, but we always ordered enough food for 39480398 people)!  we also had the virginia pizza and that was pretty good as well.

honestly, i can't wait to go again.  hopefully sometime soon and when they have some live music going!  :)

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