Thursday, March 28, 2013

sleep at last?

well, y'all, i'm exhausted.  lately i've been feeling like i'm spreading myself too thin, which is probably true, but i'm trying to hold on to the fact that this semester is almost over (!!!) and soon summer break will be here and i'll be able to relax a little bit more.

last weekend, i walked the culinaria wine/beer 5k at la cantera (which was the most boring 5k of my life...only because i had to walk, of course!), went to six flags (wasn't feeling it at first because i was exhausted, but ended up having the best time) and ate yummy onion rings, celebrated my aunt cyndi's birthday (go to tito's mexican restaurant and order the sopes with chicken won't be disappointed), and finally, i got my hair cut (after which, i rewarded myself with a slice of cookie cake). 

it's getting to me though.  i know i haven't been sleeping enough, and i'm just a tad bit behind on my schoolwork.  there hasn't really been a weekend where i get to relax for a full day in a long time.  last weekend i was hoping to get the chance to relax, but it didn't happen (although, i don't regret it in the least).  i have a feeling i'm going to burn-out, especially since i just glanced at my planner and i don't think i have a free weekend from now through april and going into mid-may.

on the other hand, mom has always said that i'm happiest when i'm busy and i really don't think she's wrong.  my heart has been so light lately, and i'm just so looking forward to all the fun things coming up.  i just want a little more sleep, haha!

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