Monday, March 4, 2013

catch my breath.

y'all, the days around here are getting prettier and prettier.  i love those first few weeks before spring when the sun brings just enough warmth to make you want to shed all those layers (still pretty cold in the morning) and don your neons and pastels.  i'm currently wearing a coral-y looking nail polish (sephora by opi in i'm wired) and so read to break out my new steve madden mint green sandals.

i've been dreaming about change.  a little haircut here, a new piece of art or clothing there.  i got rid of a few things this weekend in my closet, things that i haven't worn in a long time and don't plan on wearing anytime soon.  hopefully a change in my body, now that i've been treating it better, making sure i feel strong and healthy by exercising and eating good food.

change also in the form of applying for graduation and looking for a new job.  my internship should be done by may and i really can't afford to work part-time any longer.  i don't really know what the future holds for me, but i can't sit around waiting for things to happen.  so i've been looking for jobs in the doj, hoping that something will pop up in san antonio, but also keeping an eye on jobs in dc.  y'all know i wouldn't mind a move, and especially not one that would take me to one of my favorite places.  of course, a move wouldn't be feasible until i graduate, so there's that.

in other news, i'm so looking forward to ana's wedding in a couple of weeks.  i can't think of a better way to end my spring break than surrounded by all my favorite girls.  also, we started planning my bff's bachelorette weekend.  i really can't wait to be beachside and get some more quality girl-time in.  really, i can't wait to make memories with my best friends.  memories of us embracing our youth and celebrating love.

honestly, there's nothing better than the happy i've been feeling lately.  i hate to tempt fate, but i'm so joyous these days and so earnestly excited for the future.  i wish that i could put it into words, but all i can really say about it is that it feels so natural.  like, this is my moment.  and it is, you know?

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