Wednesday, February 20, 2013

san antonio stock show and rodeo - lady antebellum.

 our rodeo attire.

on saturday, my sister, casee, and i saw lady antebellum's matinee show at the rodeo.  they mentioned how they had been to the san antonio rodeo five years in a row and casee and i realized we had seen them at least three out of the five times they've come.  lady antebellum is probably my favorite band, although i have a hard time using the word "favorite" because i like so many things. 

 we had great seats!

they played a great set, including their new single, "downtown" (download it, it's awesome).  hilary looked great, her little baby belly bouncing around in heels on a rotating stage (seriously, it looked hard, so mad props to her).  i love her voice, really i do.  the entire lady antebellum band is incredibly talented and i think it's super-sweet that hilary's husband is their drummer.

yesterday, lady antebellum revealed that they would be releasing their next album on may 7.  it seems like such a long wait, but i'm sure it will be worth it!  and i can't wait to see them perform their new album at next year's rodeo (lol!).  hopefully they'll be on the entertainer list again!

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