Wednesday, February 27, 2013

san antonio stock show and rodeo 2013 - dierks bentley

we saw dierks bentley last week.  it was the last show i got to see this year at the rodeo and it was pretty good.  i don't know if it was where we were sitting (pretty high up), or maybe the band was louder than dierks, but the sound was a little off in my opinion.  he played all his old songs (here's a fave of mine) and a new one that i hadn't heard yet.  i really love his voice, it's so gravelly.

 to give you an idea of how high up we were.

it was a good time, but man was i tired all last week because of how late i was out monday!  i just couldn't catch up on sleep.  i did a lot of it this weekend, though, so this week should be a little better!

 love wearing my rodeo gear!

the rodeo is gone now.  i miss it tons already.  i didn't get to go to the fairgrounds, like i had hoped, but that's ok.  i already can't wait for next year's rodeo.

next up?  spring break (ana's wedding!), fiesta and summertime!

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