Friday, February 15, 2013

it's friday!!!

happy (belated) valentine's day y'all!  i hope everyone had a wonderful day full of love and chocolate!  :)  i squeezed a few of my favorite valentine's real tight yesterday, and sent some love via mail to a few others.  my granny sent me a bag of goodies, and my parents bought a pretty, new charm bracelet (with the bon voyage charm for my little nomad heart) from brighton.  i love it!

phew, today has been a doozy!  i woke up in a pretty good mood considering i only got 5 hours of sleep, but then the morning turned into a disaster, and now i'm feeling a little cranky.  i keep trying to remind myself it's friday and today is my sisters' birthday, but i think i just need a nap and glass of wine (which i can't have because i got sick...AGAIN). my whole week flew by, and i am exhausted.  between work, school, my internship and getting sick, i feel like i am losing my mind, or just becoming straight up forgetful! 

this weekend i will be in celebration mode, for my sisters' birthday, the rodeo, and perhaps a late valentine's day dinner and movie.  i also plan on "trying" to rest and relax, because i'm pretty sure my body needs it.  there will be some nail polish changing, and maybe some crafting, because i'm in a crafty mood.

happy weekend, everyone!  enjoy it!

some links for the week:
  • where are they now?  my fave show in hs:  gilmore girls!
  • this post is so true!  also, i have serious girl crushes on those girls.
  • this jalapeno bloody mary sounds like pure deliciousness.
  • color me nostalgic this year (destiny's child reunion, heyyyy), but loved these dos and don'ts of jt's comeback.  and this...better believe i hit that follow button!
  • i'm kinda wanting some dunks after seeing them EVERYWHERE at nyfw (online of course, because i obviously didn't get to play in the snow and see all the pretty clothes up close and personal).
  • sylvia plath love.
  • seriously cute and endearing proposal videos!  i really don't know how those flash mob dancers do what they do without bawling!
  • strangely into this song.

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