Tuesday, February 19, 2013

500 posts.

i can hardly believe that i've written my 500th post on this little blog baby of mine.  i've been posting on roller coaster rides for six years now, and so much has changed along the way.  i've changed, the world has changed, everything...everything has changed.  

i started this blog when i was in college a million (or 2,000) miles away from home.  i was in love with a boy.  i was in love with my life.  it was everything college should be and i was everything i wanted to be.  the blog was meant to give my family a connection to me from so far away.  to give them insight on what i was doing and who i was doing it with.  it was also a way for me to record funny moments, and the like.

now, it's an outlet, a journal if you will.   yes, i still blog about what i've been doing and who i've been doing it with.  but you've also read about my losses and my insecurities and my shortcomings.  it's become a place for me to write the things i can never say.

i don't see myself stopping blogging anytime soon.  in fact, i'd love it if this little blog baby grew and grew and grew (as it has).  but idk if i'll make another 500 posts.  that's the thing about life, isn't it?  there are really NO certainties, at all, whatsoever.  i'll keep truckin' though, keep updating y'all on my life and the many, many more adventures i plan on having.  

thanks for coming along these past 500 posts!


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