Thursday, January 31, 2013

the witte museum - mummies of the world: the exhibition.

i wish i had pictures to share from the mummies of the world exhibit we went to last week at the witte museum, but they didn't allow photography, so i opted not to go against their wishes and sneak any shots with my phone.  it was definitely worth going to see, although we waited until almost the very last minute to go.  they have a really interesting exhibit so if you happen to be in the next town they head to, definitely make plans to see it!

i can remember going to the witte museum when i was younger and wondering if the place was haunted.  it seemed to be so much bigger back then.  it's one of my favorite places in san antonio, and i'm really looking forward to going to the next exhibit they'll be hosting:  dinosaurs unearthed.  the witte is free on tuesdays, which is pretty awesome, and they host wine nights occasionally, which is even more awesome!  aside from visiting exhibits, they also have a south texas heritage center and other exhibits showcasing animals that live or have lived in texas and ancient texans, among other things.  i've never been to free tuesdays or the wine events, but i sure am planning on taking advantage of both in the future.

so, if you ever have a free tuesday evening, or feel like learning a bit about the great state of texas, head over to the witte for free admission and check out the different exhibits they have.  it makes for a great place to go on a date, or to go as a family.


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