Monday, January 7, 2013

my 2013 goals.

as i said before, i'm not going to make a new year's resolution.  truth is, i really need to take the reins on my life and strive harder for the things that i want.  so instead of resolving to lose 10 pounds, or lay off the sweets (so not happening), i've chosen a few goals i want to work towards this year.  some were inspired by friends and family, others are simply things i've decided are necessary for moving forward from my past.

1.  inspired by my bff, danielle, i'm going to run one 5k per month, for a total of twelve 5ks this year.  at minimum.  there are a few runs i've done consistently over the years, with my family.  san antonio always has tons of fun-sounding runs going on throughout the year (alamo city beer run, anyone?).

2.  read at least one non-school related book per month.  mostly because i buy books all the time and then they just sit on my bookshelf waiting to be read.  plus, i need the break sometimes.

3.  cook more often.  my mom has tons of utensils and our pantry is always full, but none of us ever cooks.  cooking is something i've always enjoyed.  before ernest and i moved back home i would cook dinner for us monday-thursday and sometimes on sundays.  i miss that.

4.  take more pictures and use more of my own shots on my blog.  it's easy to be inspired by someone else's art, but i've always wanted to be a better photographer and there really hasn't been a reason for me to not practice, or strive for better images.  this has been on my mind a lot more often lately, as my grandparents have gotten older and i realize that i want to be able to share images of them with my children one day, the same that my mom has shared pictures of her family with my sisters and i. (also, this will force me to fix my camera, which has been "injured" for over a year now.)

5.  go to more concerts.  i'm a firm believer in "you can't take it with you when you're gone" (not that i'm saying i don't save money, or see the value in saving money, i just don't feel guilty about spending money when i have it), and i think one of the best ways to spend my money is on tickets to live shows.  there's an adrenaline rush when i'm sitting there waiting for the band to walk on stage and then as soon as they start into their set i get crazy excited.

6.  spend more time volunteering.  i haven't quite found the organization i want to stick with, yet, but i always get so much joy out of volunteering.  i really miss my cheer girls, btw.

7.  take riley outside to play more often.  he's a house dog, but i know he loves sniffing around that yard.  i wish i could take him on runs, but i don't think he'd make it for 3 miles.  i need to find a good dog park near our house, or something.

8.  do a better job saving money.  i'd really like to start thinking about getting a house and a new car.

9.  go on more adventures.  make more memories.

10.  stop dwelling.  the past is the past.  i just want to move forward this year.  my life is slowly getting back to normal.  my health is getting better, and i'm honestly so much happier.  

so ten goals (or resolutions, whatever) for this year.  i'm already pretty excited about the next few months, and i'm just hoping it'll keep on getting better.  2013, here i come!

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