Friday, January 25, 2013

it's friday!!!

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ah, friday.  how i've been looking forward to you since wednesday.  haha!  i'm a little worn out this week, but still incredibly looking forward to noon today, when my weekend starts and i can have a little fun.  i'll be visiting the mummies of the world exhibit at the witte museum this weekend, and possibly grabbing dinner afterwards.  tomorrow i plan on working on valentine's and birthday plans (for both of my sisters...their bdays are only 3 weeks apart!) and then there's a banquet for my cheerleaders that i will probably attend.  sunday i'll be participating in the graffiti run and then my softball team has a doubleheader, so i'll be both tired and sore that evening, haha!

i got quite a few wedding-related things done this week.  my dress for ana's wedding came in (1.5 months early, woot!) and i purchased my shoes for danielle's wedding.  i also booked my flight for ana's wedding and danielle's bachelorette weekend (can i just tell you how exciting the prospect of your bff's bachelorette party is?  i mean, i'm exuding joy, i tell ya!).

school has been both awesome and slightly stressful.  my internship hasn't started, but i still have to turn in my proposal for my research paper by mid-february, plus complete my 150 hours by the end of the semester.  just a little nervous about getting it all done in time!  plus, i'm slightly intimidated by my legal research and writing class, but let's be honest...i love a challenge.

well, here's to the happiest weekend and some much-needed fun!

some of my favorite links this week:
  • tell you what...i'd be pleased as punch to see one of my sisters up at that podium getting sworn in as the potus sometime in the future (or if they witnessed me being sworn in, as well!).  there's nothing quite like a sibling's pride.
  • getting just a tad bit obsessed with associate Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor.  what a role model, for latinas everywhere!
  • super-obsessed with alicia keys inauguration photo diary
  • how we are all catfish, in some way or another. 
  • memorable moments from hilary clinton's benghazi testimony. 
  • i need a house so i can have a home address so i can buy one of these super-cute embossers! (via a cup of jo)

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