Wednesday, January 2, 2013

in pictures.

because there were a great many wonderful things that happened this year, regardless of how shitty it turned out to be.  here are 12 pictures from 2012 - my favorite from each month of the year:

january - riley and i.  love that pup.

february - pretty starbucks cups and pink&red mani.

march - sangria margarita from casa rio (riverwalk) on spring break w/my bff, danielle.

april - king william fair with my mom and sister.

may - our first tubing trip to the guadalupe, complete with sippy cups.

june - texas folklife festival with my family.
june gets more than one b/c it's my bday month.  :)

july - a month when all i wanted was peace.  from our trip to port aransas, tx.

august - my family and friends rallied around me.
august - from my best girls.
august - my first glass of prosecco.
august - trying local brews in phoenix.
 august - out w/my sister.
september - coaching these sweet girls.
september - game time.
september - my first trip to vegas w/my family.
september - my parents renewed their vows.
september - my sisters and i ate a delish donut from serendipity.
september - my cheer girls sent me this adorable picture while i was on vacation.

october - utsa football.

november - my cheer girls rocking their performance at competition
 and placing second both locally and regionally.

december - my mom turned 50!
december - and i went ombre!  :)

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