Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year.

so 2012 is over.  good riddance.

my new year's celebrations were great; almost perfect honestly.  i saw josh abbott band live at cowboys dancehall and it was fabulous.  i was home early, probably around 1 am, and i spent today doing a whole lot of nothing besides reading, watching supernatural/brave and writing.

last year, things got too crazy.  i can't even begin to put it to words.  i lost a lot, and i learned a lot.  my friends and family were amazingly supportive.  i loved coaching the brooks ravens cheerleaders with my bff, lisa.  i did a little traveling (seriously, i can't get enough of pheonix or dc) and i moved back home with my parents.

i'm excited for 2013.  five of my best girl friends are getting married.  i'm interning.  and i should be done with school by december.  this year will be better.  i don't just know it, but i feel it.

so happy new year to you all, and best wishes for your year.  :)

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