Tuesday, December 4, 2012

oh, what fun!

you'll have to excuse my absence.  since i've been sick i've been doing a lot of sleeping (read: hibernating).   i'm finally feeling more like myself since yesterday, so back to regular blogging (and catching up on schoolwork)!

yay!  it's december, which means christmas is just around the corner and the holiday season is in full swing around san antonio!  our house still doesn't feel christmas-y yet, but hopefully after this week we'll be able to get our tree and decorate.  there are a ton of things that i'd love to do this month, but we all get so busy so it's hard to get everyone involved.  here's a list of the things i want to do...hopefully i can accomplish some!

1.  send christmas cards.
2.  make a christmas-y garland for my room.
3.  see the lights downtown and take a picture with the christmas tree.
4.  make an advent calendar of some sort.
5.  get the house smelling like christmas.
6.  bake lots of cookies (sugar and otherwise).
7.  send my bff a cd of my favorite christmas songs.
8.  watch christmas movies every day.
9.  hot cocoa and christmas tree shopping.
10. wrap our presents in pretty wrapping paper and bows.
11. shopping with my mom and sisters.

something about this time of year just gets me so excited for carrying on our traditions and creating new ones, too!

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