Wednesday, December 5, 2012

fifty sure is nifty!

just wanted to wish a very, very happy 50th birthday to my beautiful momma.  it's hard to believe the woman is 50 years old.  she doesn't look her age, and she still has a very youthful spirit.  there are more than a few things that come to mind when i think of my mom.  she's not only a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.  she's a million other things, as well.  a dreamer, an artist, a writer, a fashionista, and a scientist, just to name a few.

my mom used to tell me how she wanted to go to nyc and be a rockette, and she's always said that she intends to write a book before she dies.  i'm not sure if she knows it, but she's always been an inspiration to me.  i know where i get my love of books and travel from.  the relationship i have with words and music, must be genetic, because she feels the same way (and so does her momma).  she's always trying to educate my sisters and i, reading us interesting science articles at the dinner table,  sending us emails about computer hacking, and fostering our love of books, art and science (with a side of shopping).

to the woman who loves robert pattinson probably as much as she loves her grandpups, thank you.  thank you for being a constant inspiration and a best friend.  thank you for always keeping it interesting and for educating us both scholastically and about the world outside of school and showing us how to be good people.  thank you for spoiling us and showing us what real, unconditional love means.  thank you for sharing those amazing genes with us (seriously, i'll probably never look a day over 18).  and thank you, just for being you. 

love you, momma. 

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