Thursday, November 1, 2012


Source: via Candice on Pinterest

there's been this urge to run lately.  to go discover and build a new life.  to live in a city i'd have to learn the only way i know how, by exploring and experiencing.

i'd go to paris, or chicago.  nyc if i was brave enough.

i've been missing nola a lot lately.  been thinking of the things i miss and the things i didn't get a chance to experience.

there's this intense feeling of wanderlust just growing in my gut.  what i wouldn't give to just take off and not think twice about it.  i feel like there are so many things about myself i haven't quite learned yet, and the only way to learn them is to get out into the world and find myself.

all i know is right now, a tiny apartment with a gorgeous view, where i could write on the balcony and smell fresh breads baking, sounds absolutely divine.

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