Friday, November 9, 2012

Brooks Ravens Competition 2012.

as y'all know, i've been coaching 4-6 year old girls cheerleading with my bff, lisa.  all season we've been working really hard on our competition routine and this past weekend all of our hard work paid off!

it was a long day, starting at 5:30 am when we got all the girls at the stadium to do their hair and make-up.  they looked super cute in their new jackets (see below).  we spent about an hour in line just waiting to get into the stadium and then when we got inside everyone was so anxious to get started.  they started the competition off with a coach's exhibition, which just meant that we got to make fool's of ourselves in front of our teams, haha!  our team was the first to perform in our division, so we gathered up the girls after the 3-4 year old teams finished performing.

i think i was more nervous than our girls were.  they told us that we couldn't do the routine with our girls which was perfectly fine because our girls know the routine really well.  however, i was incredibly nervous, and when i'm nervous, i move around A LOT.  my dad said that he could see me switching feet from up in the stands and that he turned to my mom and said, "look at candice, she's so nervous."  our girls killed their routine, however, and i was so proud, i almost cried afterward!  we knew for sure they would place, and after watching all the other teams in our division we figured we would get third place.

we watched the 7-8 year old girls perform, and then we took our girls outside for a lunch break.  after lunch we came back inside and we informed that the judge's believed one of the coaches for our group was doing the routine with the girls.  we went down to ask the woman running the competition which coach they were talking about and she pointed at the spot i stood in.  of course!  so i explained that i wasn't doing the routine, that i was just nervous and moving around a lot due to my nerves.  she said she would have to talk to the judges and then left us to be even more nervous and worried as we waited for the entire competition to end to find out if we would be disqualified or not.

after all of the teams had performed, they called us all down onto the floor and had the girls sit in sections with their entire organization.  it was time to announce the winners, and as we were waiting for our division i said to lisa, "if we don't get third place, then i think they disqualified us."  she agreed, and our nerves just kicked into hyper-drive.  they finally started to announce our division and as they called out third place i realized it was the team that we figured would take second.  i, completely confused, turned to lisa and asked, "who else was better than us?"  then they announced second place, and it was the Brooks Ravens!  lisa and i just looked at each other in total confusion!  our commissioner, celeste, had to tell me to go up and get our medals and trophy, which i did, all in a haze!

i'm so proud of our girls for placing second.  they worked really hard, and even caught on so quickly when i had to change up their routine a week before competition.  we're heading to houston in a week for regionals, and i think the girls have a really good chance of placing again.  i just really want to thank my parents and sisters and b for being so supportive and putting up with my craziness in the last couple of weeks before competition.  let's just say that the stress has certainly put a strain on my body and my emotions, but it has been so worth it and i'm super-excited for next year already!

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