Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 poor quality but...h&m knit sweater, old navy striped t-shirt, ae jeans, clarks boots

i love this time of year.  the days have gotten significantly cooler in san antonio, and i actually wore my winter boots twice in a week.  i can't wait until the cold weather sticks.  soooo looking forward to more fall fashion in my wardrobe.

i missed my "it's friday" post last week, but i have been incredibly busy the past few days.  we've had to rework our competition routine twice in 4 days, and we've lost one cheerleader to unnecessary drama.  the brooks ravens had a playoff game on saturday, after which i went to the utsa game and then we had our halloween party that night.  it was kind of a bust, not going to lie, and about an hour before everyone got here i was over it.  i'm kind of an obsessive planner when it comes to things like that, so it was a bit annoying that no one really wanted to do anything for it.  one day when i have a house and a career, we are going to throw killer halloween parties.  that's a promise. 

sunday morning we had breakfast with my cousin who came home from college for the weekend.  afterwards b, casee and i played softball, then i ran over to cheer practice for two hours and then back to the field to play in the all-star game.  needless to say that i was exhausted by 6 pm on sunday evening.  of course, life never slows down when you need it to and i hit the ground running bright and early monday morning.  after competition this weekend i'll finally get a break, but my weekends will still be busy until after thanksgiving at least.  oh well, it's better that way.

my heads been in the clouds in my (limited) down time.  i wish i could talk about it, but i just can't find the words.

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