Friday, October 19, 2012

it's friday!!!

i felt a genuine change this week, in my mental and emotional state.  i don't feel as restless as i had been feeling before.  i think it might be because i've been getting slightly more rest, thanks in part to b, who is so good at taking care of me when i am not so great at taking care of myself.   also, i just feel less stressed out in general.  life is slowly becoming clearer to me and i'm honestly excited for the next year or so and all the wonderful things it has in store for me.  i just feel this incredible sense of peace and calm.

this weekend will be jampacked with fun and festivities.  tonight b and i are going to see randy rogers band at floore's country store with casee and her boy in celebration of their two year anniversary.  it makes me so happy to see my sister happy, and i really like jerm.  tomorrow i will be up bright and early for the ravens homecoming game.  i can't wait to see my girls with their mums and goodies.  we're getting so close to the end of the season and i know i'm going to miss them so much!  after that homecoming game b and i are going to meet my parents and co. at the utsa roadrunners homecoming game (I AM SO EXCITED!).  and sunday, as always, is a day for softball and pro football (and homework, boo). 

seriously, my level of excitement for this weekend has hit epic proportions.  i hope y'all have a great weekend, too!

a few of my faves from around the internet this week:
  • interested in a celeb baby daddy?  check this site out.  who would have thought i'd want bono to be my celeb baby daddy??
  • this is hilarious!  also, i'm glad b had 3 sisters growing up b/c i know he won't be surprised when i give my own linda blair impressions.
  • slowly but surely developing my crush on funny girls, such as tina fey and amy poehler.  i totally agree with this list of 17 things they should be in charge of.
  • a cup of jo's fall challenge #2.
  • my mischievous side is tempted.
  • and i'm pretty sure i (and all my girlfriends) need this.
  • katy perry is such a classy lady and this little girl melts my heart.

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