Friday, October 12, 2012

it's friday!!!

lately i've been in the mood to do all things related to fall.  hit up the pumpkin patch, drink salted caramel hot cocoa, watch scary movies, decorate for halloween...i hope i can do at least one of those things this weekend.  y'all know my weekends always fly by with football and softball taking up the bulk of my time.  i really do need to get better at taking some time for myself and just relaxing.

tonight is my cousin's homecoming game, and i'm so excited to watch him play after his bye last week and missing his game the week before.  also, i'm kind of hoping i can talk my sisters, their boys, and b into a wii party on saturday night.  of course our plans are always last minute and change about a million times before we can officially agree on something, so we'll see.  all i know is that i really want to spend time with my favorites this weekend.

a few of my favorite links this week:
  • doesn't this place sound perfect?  i can imagine sweet, fall strolls through the trees, and maybe a picnic with hot cocoa/cider and pumpkin spice cupcakes.
  • more fall dates
  • getting reconnected with my love for pablo neruda.
  • this little challenge sounds interesting and incredibly healthy.  think i'll follow along for a while. :)

hope y'all have the most amazing weekend!

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