Friday, October 5, 2012

it's friday!!!


anybody else obsessed with the smell of rain?

i keep hoping that this melancholy i've been feeling lately will subside, but so far it's become as much a part of me as my long hair or tendency to fall asleep staring at my phone.  it's a mixture of sadness and anger and frustration and exhaustion.  i feel like i can't keep up with anything right now, and my body just wants to give up and spend a whole long weekend in bed.  of course, that won't be happening this weekend, but luckily i have a few fun things planned that will hopefully lift my spirits.

plus, corinne and i are in halloween party planning mode.  how can that not be exciting?

a few things that caught my eye on the web this week:

1.  "kissing the war goodbye" - could my favorite photograph be construed as sexual harassment?
2.  an interesting take on the presidential debate and lack of women's issues discussed by soledad o'brien.
3.  taylor swift has been reading my diary, i swear.  "we are never ever getting back together", "begin again" and "red" have been the story of my life lately.

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