Friday, September 7, 2012

it's friday!!!

 the girls and i with our grandpa (who was visiting from GA) at justin's game last week.

the mornings have been so nice this week.  i'm even more excited for fall than i was last week.  granted we're still hitting the 100s temp wise, but in the morning the sunlight is beautiful and you can definitely sense the change coming.  i'm so ready for change.  change is good.  it's natural and can be a really beautiful process.  just like when the leaves change colors in the fall, or the snow melts in the spring.
i've actually been thinking a lot of changing up my hair lately.  i just feel like it's time and what i'm thinking of doing will go with this new person i feel i've become.  so who knows, maybe by the end of this weekend, i'll be showing off my new style?  fingers crossed i don't chicken out!!

aside from that i'll be spending my weekend doing lots of football/cheer related things.  my cousin plays tonight (against b's alma mater...OoooOoo) and my girls will be cheering tomorrow, after which i will be running over to utsa's first home game!  and sunday i will be getting certified as a cheer coach, as well as hopefully playing some softball if i can somehow make it in time.  life is so sweet right now, i can't even begin to put it into words.

hope y'all have a happy weekend!!

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