Tuesday, September 4, 2012

carried away.

i just had the most amazing weekend, and it has me sitting here thinking how tricky the universe can be.  exactly one month ago i was in phoenix telling my bff that i wasn't sure i would ever be happy again.  i honestly believed that my life was going to be sad and lonely.  how wrong i was.

in fact, i am freaking out over how happy i am.  i almost can't believe it, except that i can feel it and it's so real.  please don't pinch me.  i'm afraid i'll wake up and this will all just be a sweet, sweet dream, because that's exactly how it feels.  in fact it all feels too perfect.  i'm just waiting for the sky to fall, but really hoping that it doesn't. 
i wish i could go more into detail, y'all.  i wish i could tell you everything.  but honestly, right now, i'm feeling so very vulnerable and i just feel like there are some things i should keep close to my heart.  i will tell you this:  this weekend was full of family and fun and sports and food and beer and shopping.  and you know all of those things make me so very, very happy.

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