Friday, August 31, 2012

it's friday!!!

i'm so glad for the weekend to be here.  i need just a little bit of time to relax, because the past few weeks have been so hectic and i'm really starting to feel the exhaustion creeping up on me.

classes started on wednesday of this week.  i can't believe fall is already pretty much here.  i know it won't really cool down here in san antonio for a long while, but i'm so looking forward to cozy clothes, boots and hot cocoa. 

also, football season is here and that just makes me so happy!  i'll be watching my cousin play varsity for his hs team tonight, and tomorrow morning my cheer girls will be cheering on their flag football boys bright and early.  we're thinking of doing a little family get-together sunday, with some pool time at my sisters apartment and then i'll be going to the missions game that night.  this weekend doesn't seem like it will be super-full, but i'm sure when it's over i'll think it flew by.  monday is my last day off from school, work and cheer until thanksgiving, so i'll be trying to really make it last.

hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend and stay safe!


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