Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what i'm reading.

i've had this deep yearning for a french vacation lately.  i find myself thinking in french, trying to remember what i learned in four years of french classes and waxing nostalgic for that short vacation i took with my french class the summer before my junior year of high school.  i want to emulate the chic, classic style french women seem to effortlessly evoke.  i want to stroll through french cities, diving into their rich history and admiring the architecture of their oldest buildings.

reading this collection of essays from different writers on their parisian experience has both fed my hunger for a french getaway and given me an even deeper yearning for it. each writers experience is incredibly unique, but they each stick with you.  i think a parisian experience does that.  it sticks with you.  mine has.  and i long to return, now that i am older and (presumably) wiser.  now that i have come into my womanhood, i wish to experience paris, all of france, really, as a woman.

i've been taking my time reading this book, since my school and work schedule didn't really allow for much "fun" reading, but now that classes are done and i have a little more time on my hands, i'm glad to be able to read to my hearts content.  i'm sure i'll be sharing more posts like this over the summer!!

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