Monday, May 14, 2012

dear momma.

i know mother's day was yesterday, but we were pretty busy and i didn't get a chance to this is for my momma.

my mom is the raddest mom i know.  she loves books and fashion and learning and making things pretty.  she gives the best advice, but also knows when to keep it to herself.  she makes me laugh, really just can keep my sisters and i in stitches sometimes.  she's honest, and taught the three of us to be as well.  and really, what's more important than that?  

i love my mom with all my heart.  i've said it before and i'll say it again...she is one of my bestest friends.  i'm so happy to be living in san antonio, closer to her, and working in the same building as she does.  i'm grateful for our lunches together and getting to spend that extra time with her every week.

my parents have been talking about going to vegas to renew their vows this year.  i think it's the sweetest thing and i love how excited my mom has been about finding a pretty dress.  it's the cutest!

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