Thursday, May 24, 2012

darwin: how one man's theory turned the world on its head at the witte museum.

my mom, sister, corinne, and i went to see the darwin exhibit at the witte museum last weekend.  i have a slight obsession with anthropology (i even took a class in anthropology this past semester) and think darwin was a pretty intelligent, cool guy.  it was interesting to get a little more of his biography (which you don't really get in any science know i also have a thing for history!) and see some of the letters he wrote and received from other scientists, his family members, etc.  they had a live green iguana on display, which was awesome!  i only wish we had had more time to walk around and see the rest of the museum as well.

if you're in the san antonio area, and are looking for something both enlightening and exciting, definitely go check out the witte museum/darwin exhibit (showing at the witte until september3).  you might even see me there because i am seriously considering checking it out again!

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