Friday, April 20, 2012

it's friday!!!

yet another week has flown by.  i was feeling very under the weather this week, so here's to hoping i can shake this funk before tomorrow!  we plan on going to oysterbake tomorrow night and i want to be able to enjoy it.  then, on sunday, i will be volunteering with MADD at market square.

fiesta kicked off on campus today.  it was quite festive.  they had a live band and lots of booths.  i love all the bright colors of fiesta.  the decorations for all the fiesta events are so pretty and honestly one of the best parts of the celebrations. 

i saw something really interesting while at the fiesta celebration.  the school set up an area for recycling the water used at various booths, and getting rid of the oil as well.  i thought that was pretty cool and very green of them!

i read this earlier today, and felt like i knew EXACTLY what meg was talking about.

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