Friday, April 13, 2012

it's friday!!!

this week flew by.  finals are in three weeks, and my classes are keeping me incredibly busy.  i can only foresee this month getting busier, as all the fiesta festivities start and i'm dividing my time between studying and celebrating.  

i had a little bit of time to relax early this week, when my afternoon class was cancelled (or so i thought) and my sister came over to hang out for a couple of hours before my night class.  we headed to the pool, but unfortunately they were adding chemicals at the exact time that we were walking over there.  we didn't really get in, but it was nice to sit outside and enjoy the cool, sunny weather that hit san antonio this week.

this weekend, i'll be splitting my time between a billy currington concert tonight, a distant cousin's wedding tomorrow and studying for my two exams on monday.  i'd say those are a couple of great study breaks.  wouldn't you?

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