Saturday, March 24, 2012

Taylor Swift "Safe & Sound" Official Music Video ft. The Civil Wars (108...

i'm really excited for the hunger games movie, which released yesterday.  i've never really been invested in a franchise the way i am with this one.  i love the message katniss' character, and the book itself, carry.  i love the imagery the novels provoke.  there really is no cap on my awe for this trilogy.  i may not get to see it this weekend, because i have a lot of studying to do (plus i heard the tickets sold out crazy fast!), but i will definitely be seeing it soon.  i just can't wait to see what the film reflects on the novel.  i hope it's as good as i'm anticipating.

this song taylor swift did for the movie just sparks so much excitement for the movie.  i really think this is the kind of song she excels at, and the civil wars are a nice addition to the song.  the lyrics are incredibly beautiful and sad at the same time.  i just want to keep listening to it over and over again.

i also want to go steal my copy of the hunger games back from my sister so i can read it again, but the truth is i have no time to read it right now!

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