Saturday, March 24, 2012

it's friday!!!

ice cream date with ernest, early this week.
i've been following you, me and charlie for a little over a week now.  i have to say, i've gained more inspiration from that blog, than i have from any other blog i read.  not gonna lie, it's made me a bigger dianna agron fan.  

in other news, i had two exams this week.  needless to say i was a little stressed.  but i did have a few little adventures, as well.  ernest and i went to the zoo and then had an ice cream date on monday.  my zumba classes with my mom have been a ton of fun.  plus, my exams weren't so bad as i anticipated and i really feel good about my grades (so fingers crossed i'm not wrong).

tonight i'll be relaxing with a little bbq at ernest's mom's house and tomorrow i plan to treat myself to a haircut.  nothing drastic, but something fresh. 'tis the season, no?

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