Monday, March 19, 2012


sometimes all a girl needs is her best friend. 

my best friend, danielle, came in to town this past week and spent a few days with me before the wedding of one of her friends here in san antonio.  her visit was even more exciting due to some very good news she dropped on me last saturday.  danielle and her love, dave, are engaged!  this means that out of my close group of girlfriends, four have gotten engaged in the last six months!  next year will be very exciting, with wedding planning and bachelorette parties.  i'm really looking forward to so much time with my girls.

it was really nice to have danielle here.  the past couple of months have been really rough and i needed to be able to talk to someone i can count on.  we had a lot of fun, just the two of us, although our reunion was not without its hitches!

on her first day here, i had planned to take her to a wine tasting in the hill country.  we got halfway when i decided to stop for gas.  after pumping, i tried to start my car, but to no avail.  my uncle drove out to help us get the car started, and we decided to scratch the wine tasting and drive back home.  my parents had me drop my car off at my mom's office and she let us borrow her car.  instead of a wine tasting, danielle and i stopped for a little wine and some appetizers at olive garden, where she asked me to be a bridesmaid!  i'm really excited to help her plan her wedding in any way.

my mom called me later that day and told me that my car was acting up on her way home.  we decided to have it towed, and my mom was nice enough to let me use her car for the rest of the weekend.  danielle and i rented the new version of footloose (which was pretty good, if you ask me) and relaxed for a while.  that night we met up with my sisters and jeremy at midnight rodeo.  we had a really good time and i'm glad we went.

thursday we went downtown, and had dinner on the riverwalk at casa rio.  i had a sangria margarita for the first time.  it was delicious and so smooth.  afterwards we took a very long walk on the river and i showed her the location where i'd like to have my wedding someday.  the next morning we had breakfast with my mom at the guenther house.

it was a really relaxed weekend and i was so glad to have alone time with my best friend and spend a little girl time.  sometimes that's all you need to gain a little sanity.  i'm really excited to help her plan her wedding and watch her start a new life with a great man who loves her deeply and cares for her the way she should be cared for.  that's  all a girl wants for her best friend.  that's all she wants for herself too.

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