Friday, December 30, 2011

the funniest things happen to my mom...

my mom has been on holiday break all week.  that means while the rest of us go to work, she gets to watch tv and take care of the puppies.  sounds great, right!?

yesterday i was expecting a package from amazon (more about that later).  i knew my mom would be home so i wasn't worried at all about them dropping it off or anything. 

well, around the time that ups usually delivers to our neighborhood, my sisters and i received this text: 

"i just stepped in shit chasing that crazy mutt of yours rinna as she tried to eat the ups guy."

directly followed by:

"and of course i'm barefooted."

needless to say i was dying laughing at my desk.  chloe escapes out the front door a lot and usually runs after some truck driving by or some poor kid walking down the street.  this in itself is hilarious, but add in my mom, in her pajamas, stepping in dog poop and it just gets that much more funny!

to add to the hilarity the ups guy realized what was going on and was laughing at my mom, too!  plus, he antagonized chloe by "barking" back at her.  i wish i could've been here to see all that! 

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