Saturday, November 19, 2011

it's friday...

this week was dedicated to "getting-things-done". ernest and i went to utsa to speak with our advisors and prepare to register for classes. i helped his mom with last minute party planning and my sisters and i spent some quality time together making jello shots for ernest's big "welcome home" party tomorrow night.

i can't wait to register for classes. i'm really looking forward to classes starting and the preparation ad anticipation that goes into each new semester.

i couldn't help but start listening to christmas music already this week. also we found out corinne has to work on thanksgiving. if you ask me, it's wrong to be open on thanksgiving. and it seems un- american. i wish consumers would take a stand against such greed. it's disgusting.

i'm looking forward to turkey day though. i could eat thanksgiving g dinner any day of the year! plus getting my family together will be nice. expect pictures!!

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