Thursday, November 17, 2011

orlando, day 4.

animal kingdom exceeded my expectations in so many ways.  by know i think y'all know how much i love animals.  i was incredibly disappointed i never made it to the zoo in new orleans, as it was the one place i wanted to visit most the entire time i was there.

anyway, animal kingdom has a safari tour that i thought was awesome.  it was so cool to see so many animals "up close".  the whole park has a jungle feel to it that i absolutely loved.  and there was a really cool dinosaur ride that my entire family enjoyed.

this was my last day in orlando, but my family stayed another day and went to universal studios.  i'm sad that i didn't stay for the whole week, like they did, but i did really enjoy the time i did get to spend and hanging out with my family.  we're making these little family vacations a yearly thing and i'm glad because we're older now and can appreciate and enjoy them more than we could when we were younger. 

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